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Casino Bonuses – Find The Best Casino Bonuses in 2024 with Bonusfilter!

Bonusfilter’s main idea is to create a reliable and interactive gaming community that provides casino fans with all the information they need to play at online casinos. We update our listings with new online casinos almost daily! In addition to the best casino bonuses and free play money, the site provides tips on how to play and you can interact with a wide community of players on our Discord channel

Currently, our rapidly expanding gaming community includes thousands of members who share their advice, winning experiences, and are eager to discuss any topic in the field of casino gaming.

Using the most user-friendly bonusfilters available online, you can find the ideal bonus offer for you. Fun and Easy benefits.

What Bonusfilter has to offer you?

Casino bonuses bring a guaranteed extra boost to your gaming experience, whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced player. Especially new player bonuses give you an opportunity to stretch your bankroll and try out casinos with less risk. brings you the best online casino bonuses, current promotions and amazing exclusive bonuses. We collect the hottest welcome bonuses on the same page and analyse them for you, making it easy to pick the biggest casino bonuses.

Whether you have big deposit bonuses, hundreds of free spins, rewarding cashback, or even purely free cash in mind, Bonusfilter is the best tool in helping your dreams come true. Check out all our promotions, take advantage of our useful bonus filter, and find the best casino bonus of 2024!

Why Choose Bonusfilter?

If you’re looking for amazing casino bonuses, you’ve definitely come to the right place. focuses specifically in various bonuses, which will give you better value for your money.

Bonusfilter’s main idea is to create a reliable tool for filtering casino bonuses, which provides casino fans with all the information they need to play at online casinos. In addition to the best casino bonuses, the site offers tips on how to play and gives you a chance to interact with the wide community of players on our Discord site.

Our hastily expanding gaming community already includes heaps of members who readily share their advice and winning experiences, and they are eager to discuss any topic in the casino gaming field.

What offers:
  • The biggest casino bonuses online
  • Interactive gaming community
  • Hottest online casinos
  • Ease of finding the best bonuses through our Bonus Filter
  • Ongoing exclusive casino bonuses for our players
  • Honest casino reviews
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Big deposit bonuses, free spins, and promotions are waiting to be redeemed. So, take part in the bonus party and grab even free money without a deposit! Join Bonusfilter’s casino family now and enjoy the many benefits our site and community can offer you.

What Are Casino Bonuses?

Online casinos offer a wide range of casino bonuses to attract new players to make a deposit or test the casinos’ offerings more easily. Therefore, a casino bonus is a benefit or offer to players providing them with more money or free spins to play with on top of their own deposits. In the best case, new players can even get bonuses without a deposit, allowing you to test games thoroughly without taking an actual financial risk.

Casino bonuses fall into various types, which we will tell you more about in the next paragraph. Still, the most typical and biggest one is the new player welcome bonus you receive when you sign up and make your first deposit.

Example of a typical welcome bonus:
• 100% bonus up to €100 + 100 free spins
In this case, you can double your bankroll with your first deposit. If you deposit €100, you will receive the full €100 bonus money, and therefore your bankroll will increase to €200. You will also get a batch of free spins in most cases, as in the example above.

Example of another general and a bit better offer, i.e., 200% casino bonus:
• 200% bonus up to €100.
This bonus will triple your deposit, i.e., your starting balance of €100 will increase to €300.

Deposit bonuses come with a lot of different variations and conditions to consider. For example, the bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus money vary significantly from casino to casino. The percentage of the first deposit bonuses is typically 100-200% but can basically be anything between 25% and 500%.

There are also significant differences in the maximum amount of bonus money – some online casinos have a maximum bonus of only around twenty euros, while others offer thousands of euros. As a rule of thumb, the higher the bonus percentage, the lower the total bonus amount. This is quite obvious as the casinos don’t want to hand out bonuses that are too generous and easy for players.

Different Casino Bonuses

Nowadays, there are casino bonuses for everyone’s taste. In addition to typical welcome packages, there may be cashbacks, free cash without deposit, free spins, and other innovative bonuses such as spins on the casino’s wheel of fortune or bigger High Roller bonuses.

Whatever the casino bonus, their significance to the player is undeniable, as the bonus substantially lowers the threshold to try new casinos and reduces your own risk. The best casino bonuses include up to thousands of euros in bonus money and hundreds of free spins. And best of all, your chances of winning are real!

However, be sure to bear in mind the bonus terms and any pitfalls that affect the value of the bonuses. We will tell you more about the terms and conditions and things to keep in mind later on this page.

Next, we will tell you more about the most typical casino bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

The deposit bonus is as the name implies, an offer that you receive on top of your own deposit. This is a certain amount of bonus money that is stated as a percentage of the deposit amount – for example, 100% up to €100. Deposit bonuses are available for both new and existing players, but the most significant offers are aimed at players who register a new account on their first deposit. Experienced players at online casinos can instead redeem deposit bonuses as promotional offers and reload bonuses, and via loyalty programs, for example.

When choosing the best deposit bonuses for yourself, you should especially take into account the bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus money. Also, remember that casino welcome bonuses can be split over multiple deposits, with bonus percentages that may vary. Some online casinos allow you to grab casino bonuses in full with your first deposit, while others may require up to five separate deposits.

  • 100% casino bonus: The most common and popular deposit bonus is the 100% bonus, which doubles your deposit. Doubling your first deposit is a sure choice, especially for a novice casino player, and it most often also has favourable terms.
  • 200% casino bonus: Slightly rarer but still easy to find is the 200% bonus, which offers a €200 bonus money with a €100 deposit.
  • 300% casino bonus: These types of generous casino bonuses are starting to be uncommon, but yes, you can still see 300% bonuses sometimes. In most cases, the maximum amount of bonus money is small in this case, so that the deposit bonus in question offers excellent value for small deposits. If, for example, there is a 300% bonus up to €25, and you deposit €25, you get as much as €75 bonus money, which is a huge advantage!
  • 400% casino bonus: Quadrupling the deposit amount is a real rarity, and if you find such deposit bonuses, the wagering requirements and other conditions are most likely to be strict.
  • 500% casino bonus: Is a 500% casino bonus even possible in reality? As impressive as it sounds, there have been bonuses like this. For example, the famous BetPoint Group’s Neon Vegas Casino throws in a 500% bonus up to €500, meaning you get a whopping €500 additional play money with a €100 deposit!

Free Spins

Another standard casino bonus are the free spins that are given on many occasions to players who are seriously after offers. These bonuses are most commonly distributed upon first deposit, but many online casinos offer free spins even without a deposit when you register a gaming account. At its best, you can grab up to 450 amazing free spins with no deposit! In addition, many online casino promotions also include free spins.
When comparing free spin packages, you should take into account several factors that affect the value of the offer. Of course, the number of spins and the wagering requirement play an essential role, but it is also worth checking the minimum deposit for redeeming the free spins. For example, in some casinos, you get 100 spins with a deposit of €10, while in others, redeeming the same amount requires a minimum deposit of €20.

In addition, there are differences in the values of the free spins, but they are typically around €0.10 per spin. Some online casinos offer more valuable super or mega spins. Last but not least, it’s worth checking that there is no maximum win for free spins.


A simpler and more straightforward casino bonus is a cashback paid to players for losses over a certain period. A cashback is determined as a percentage of for example the net loss during the week. Typically, the cashback bonus is around 10%, but it can rise significantly higher, especially in VIP programs.

At some online casinos, the traditional deposit bonus may be replaced with a cashback. This is especially common in the new generation of registration-free casinos that want to keep things as simple as possible. The cashback bonus does not require complicated bonus terms and wagering requirements.

Free Cash Without Deposit

The biggest treats for casino players are, of course, the no deposit bonuses! Who wouldn’t want to try their luck at gambling with no financial investment of your own? Free cash is not available at many casinos nowadays, but it is always worth taking advantage of when the opportunity arises. There is no risk for you in this case, but you can still play with real money and aim for real winnings.

Significantly more common are free spins without a deposit, which are available in several online casinos. The amounts of free cash are usually relatively small, but there can be hundreds of deposit-free free spins available by simply registering.

Wager-Free Bonuses

Who wouldn’t want to avoid the frustrating wagering process of casino bonuses? Wagering the bonuses is time-consuming and a nerve-wracking endeavor. Strict wagering requirements might eat up your winnings before the withdrawal is even possible. If you find casino bonuses without wagering, there is no such concern.

The most common are wager-free spins, but in rare cases even all casino bonuses can be without a wagering requirement. This means that when a win hits you, you can withdraw money at any time. However, always remember to check the bonus terms and restrictions.

How Do I Redeem a Casino Bonus?

Grabbing your casino bonuses is as easy as pie! The most important thing of course is to find the right offer for you from the endless selection. will help you in this process!

Here’s How To Easily Redeem Casino Bonuses:

  1. Select the desired bonus from our lists and click the Play button.
  2. Register a gaming account for that casino.
  3. Select a welcome bonus when opening an account.
  4. Place your first deposit.
  5. You will receive a bonus to your gaming account, and everything is ready!

This process should take no more than a couple of minutes, after which you can move on to play your favourite games with bonus money and free spins.

The above instructions apply to traditional casinos that require a gaming account to be created. However, nowadays more and more online casinos are operating without registration. These so-called Pay N Play casinos do not require a gaming account, but instead everything works with bank IDs without registration. In this case, you can grab bonuses for your casino journey without filling out forms or taking other intermediate steps.

What else do you need to consider when redeeming bonuses?

  • Some online casinos require a bonus code to redeem the welcome bonus. In this case, you need to remember to enter it in the field provided, or else you might miss the bonus.
  • At some casinos players must contact customer service separately to receive bonuses. Usually, a quick discussion trough the live chat is enough for this, but this phase is certainly annoying and may seem utterly pointless to many.
  • Remember the minimum deposit at which casino bonuses can be redeemed. Most commonly, the welcome package is offered with a €10 or €20 deposit.
  • You need to verify your account before you can withdraw your winnings. Be sure to send the necessary documents to the casino on time. In the case of a casino without registration, there is no need to confirm the game account separately.
  • Always remember to read the bonus terms carefully before redeeming bonuses!

Casino Bonuses – Frequently asked Questions

Generally, registration and a certain minimum deposit are required to redeem bonuses. However, nowdays countless registration-free online casinos also offer an option to grab casino bonuses without a gaming account by using bank IDs. Also, be sure to use a bonus code if one is required.

You can find the best casino bonuses on the internet from the lists on this page. We have picked out all the most valuable offers in the casino world for you. Also, be sure to check out Bonusfilter’s exclusive bonuses that have been negotiated exclusively for our players.

Sure you can, but deposit-free casino bonuses are a rare treat. However, many online casinos might offer free spins without a deposit or even free cash to customers who register a new account. These fantastic bonuses are worth taking advantage of as they allow you to make real profits without taking any financial risks.

Find The Best Casino Bonus With These Tips

Nowadays, there are many casino bonuses on the market, and choosing the best ones requires slightly more background work and comparison. Not all bonuses are as great as they might seem at first glance. You will only find out the real differences when you examine them closely and read the bonus terms.

Don’t stress about this too much, as Bonusfilter knows the best casino bonuses thoroughly and offers them to you that you don’t have to waste your time searching.

Before we go through the main tips for finding bonuses, it’s a good idea to find out what you expect from casino bonuses. Of course, not everyone has the same goals when redeeming bonuses. Your playing style, budget, and personal preferences will significantly affect your selection criteria.

You can ask yourself, what bonuses do you want? Is the idea to make profit or get to know the casino with less risk? If the goal is to get the best value for your deposit and seek winnings, you should always focus on big bonuses with favourable wagering requirements. On the other hand, if you play more for the sake of entertainment, you can focus on just the casino or your favourite game regardless of profitability and potential to win big.

Five tips for finding and taking advantage of the best casino bonuses:

  1. Focus on big casino bonuses with a low wagering requirement.
  2. Choose bonuses with the highest possible bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus money.
  3. Redeem casino bonuses from many different casinos.
  4. Choose your games smartly: play slots with high RTPs and make sure the game fulfils the wagering requirement 100%.
  5. Always take advantage of the casino bonus without deposit as well as wager-free bonuses.

In addition to these tips, you can be active and hunt for all possible extra benefits, such as bonuses through loyalty programs, current promotions, and participation in tournaments and contests. Of course, the most important thing is that you choose a bonus that suits your needs and a reliable online casino where you can play safely without unnecessary stress.

Bonus Wagering Requirements and Other Terms

Casino bonuses can often look attractive at first glance, but their actual value only becomes apparent after reading the bonus terms. No matter how much bonus money is offered, it doesn’t help much if the wagering requirement is 60x or the maximum win is capped at €100. That’s why you should always read the bonus terms carefully before you get too excited.

Next, we will tell you more about the most important terms of casino bonuses, which significantly affect the total value of the bonus.

  • Wagering requirements: The main factor of casino bonus terms are the wagering requirements that tell you how many times you need to wager the bonus in games before you can withdraw your winnings. Typically, the wagering requirement is in the range of 30-50x, but in the worst case it can be a lot higher. Also, note that wagering may apply to both the deposit and bonus money, which is a less good option for the player.
    EXAMPLE: If the bonus is 100%/€100 and the wagering requirement is 35x bonus, then you will have to wager:
    €100 x 35 which is €3,500.
    Note that if the wagering also applied to the deposit, the calculation would go like this:
    €200 x 35 = €7,000.  In this way, the amount to be wagered would double.
  • Maximum Bet: When playing with bonuses, casinos usually set a specific maximum bet per round. It usually is around €5 and therefore means that this amount should not be exceeded.
  • Minimum Deposit: Sometimes casino bonuses can be redeemed with €10 and sometimes with a €20 deposit. This can be particularly important if you just want to take a quick look at the site with minimal risk. Another factor to consider is the minimum deposit to redeem a free spin package.
  • Time Limit: Casino bonuses have a specific expiration date that is always worth checking because expired bonuses don’t serve anyone. Typically, the casino bonus is valid from one week to a month, but the limits can have significant differences between casinos. Free spins usually need to be used on a tighter schedule.
  • Game Restrictions / Wagering Percentages: Which games you can play to meet the wagering requirement and which games are completely excluded from the bonus are also listed in the bonus conditions. In general, slot machines fulfil wagering 100%, with certain exceptions.
  • Maximum win: At some online casinos, winnings may be limited to a certain maximum amount and you cannot withdraw more. In most cases, the maximum win applies to free spins and is in the €100 range but can be significantly lower in some extreme cases.
  • Non-sticky: In the case of a non-sticky bonus, you always play your own deposit first and only then with bonus money. This means that you can withdraw your winnings at any time if you manage to win with your own money. The wagering requirements and other bonus terms take effect only when you have fully used your own money. Therefore, non-sticky bonuses are always a good choice.

NOTE: will always tell you all possible bonus terms and pitfalls in our casino reviews so you can spend less time reading these details.

Remember Bonus Codes!

Even today some online casinos require bonus codes, although they are getting rarer in the industry. Bonus codes aren’t anything complicated, but they can be a headache for players – mainly because it is so easy to forget them completely.

As the name implies, the bonus code is a code consisting of numbers and/or letters that you must enter in the field provided to redeem a specific bonus at the casino. Some online casinos require a bonus code to get the welcome bonus, while sometimes it is used for special offers and promotions.

However, you don’t have to worry about these codes anymore, as we will tell you if the casino bonus requires a bonus code and will clearly state all the needed bonus codes for each bonus.

Responsible Gaming at Online Casinos

No matter how tempting the bonus is, players should always choose a safe and reliable online casino that takes responsible gaming seriously. All the casinos found on Bonusfilter’s website are trustworthy and of high quality in all respects.

At the core of a safe gaming experience is always the responsibility of the player and the casino. Therefore, we want to ensure that our money is secure and that we get all the necessary support from the casino to manage our gaming habits. Actually all decent online casinos offer a comprehensive responsible gaming page with relevant information and valuable links to organizations dedicated to the topic.

What kind of responsible gaming tools do casinos offer?

  • Deposit limits
  • Loss limits
  • Play pause and self-exclusion (closing your player account)
  • Session limits
  • Session time notifications

You can find more information and help on the website of these organizations: