Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses are more popular than ever! They provide the best possible starting point, as you can either increase your account balance or place bets completely risk-free. The best betting bonuses can even be worth hundreds of euros, which is why they are definitely worth taking advantage of when placing bets on your favourite sports.

Best Betting Bonuses in 2023

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  • Minimum deposit 20€
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Olympusbet Casino

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Best Betting Bonuses 2023

Both online casinos and betting sites offer a variety of bonuses. Today the offerings of casino sites are even more diverse, but you can also get great promotions on betting sites.

Deposit bonuses are also available for betting, along with free bets, risk-free bets and enhanced odds. All kinds of benefits are available for both major events and slightly smaller wagers.

The best betting bonus is of course the one that offers you the biggest advantage. In practice, this means that the bonus itself is valuable and its bonus terms are reasonable.

In addition to the fact that the most popular betting bonuses contain a lot of bonus money, they are also redeemable with the lowest possible minimum deposit. This makes them suitable for beginners as well.

In addition, the wagering requirement is as low as possible as are also the minimum odds. The best betting bonuses are also available in a variety of wagers to make sure everyone finds their own favourite.

The biggest betting bonuses on the market are often offered by the largest and best known companies. New betting sites are less likely to be able to compete against the big names in terms of promotions, as massive bonuses might not be profitable for less established operators.

However, the biggest companies can be more generous, since they have good enough resources to offer amazing bonuses.

Different types of betting bonuses

The best online betting bonuses always offer significant monetary benefits, which is why they are definitely worth taking advantage of. Bonuses are offered to both new players and old customers. Sometimes you can even get several bonuses at a time.

Betting sites offer deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, free bets, cashback and enhanced odds among other benefits. In addition, some betting sites host a variety of competitions and promotions where you can either win more bonuses or even cash.

Deposit bonuses for betting

The deposit bonus is definitely one of the most popular benefits offered by betting sites. It’s most offered at first deposit, but many betting sites also offer it to old and active customers.

In all its simplicity, the deposit bonus works like this: you make your own deposit first and the betting site will give you a certain percentage of extra play money. For example, if the bonus is a “100% deposit bonus”, you will receive an extra €50 in play money from the betting site with a deposit of €50. In this case, you can start betting with a starting balance of €100.

Deposit bonuses exist as both the so-called traditional “Sticky Bonuses” and the more player-friendly “Non Sticky Bonuses”. The latter is a better option, as in this bonus the wagering requirement only applies to the bonus amount.

When playing with the Non Sticky bonus, you will first use your own deposit, allowing you to withdraw your winnings at any time. Only when you have used your own money you will start playing with bonus money, in which case the bonus conditions also take effect.

The biggest difference between the two is that in sticky bonuses, the bonus conditions take effect immediately and if you win, you cannot withdraw until the wagering requirement is met. If you make a withdrawal request or cancel the bonus, you will lose both the bonus and the money you have won.

However, with the Non Sticky bonus, you can cancel the bonus and withdraw your winnings immediately if you manage to grab the winnings while playing with your own money. You can read more about wagering requirements later on this page.

Risk-Free Bets

Betting bonuses can sometimes also be offered in the form of a risk-free bet. These bonuses are not as common as deposit bonuses but can for example be redeemed with the various promotions that betting sites offer.

A risk-free bet is, as the name implies, a bet with no risk of losing your own money. However, to place a bet you must have the same amount of money in your own player account. For example, if a betting site offers you a €5 risk-free bet, you can use it if you have at least €5 in your own account.

When you place your risk-free bet, the wagered €5 will be taken off your account as usual. If the bet wins, you will of course be able to keep all your winnings, but if it loses, the €5 bet you place will be refunded to your own player account – often with no wagering requirement.


Free bets

Free bets are also popular and relatively common betting bonuses. A free bet works in a similar way as a risk-free bet, but to take advantage of this, you don’t have to have money in your own player account.

The free bet often has to be used at once, so if you get a free bet of €5 for example, you have to place a €5. Betting slips always have the option of taking advantage of a free bet, so you don’t have to pay anything for your bet.

If the free bet you place wins, you will receive the net winnings you earn on the bet in your own account. Here’s another major difference to a risk-free bet that lets you keep the full pay-out. The net pay-out of a free bet is the remaining amount after deducting the bet on the free bet. So if you win €50 with a free bet of €5, you will get €45 in winnings on your account.

The best possible free bet is of course without wagering, allowing you to keep the winnings to yourself. For example, while the €5 free bet we mentioned above may sound like a fairly non-existent bonus amount, it’s still a wagering free bonus, which is why you should take advantage of the free bet.

If a free bet has a wagering requirement, it’s often 1-4x the net profit. In that case, you will have to wager the amount you have won with the free bet you placed. So if for example you win the €45 we mentioned above and the wagering requirement is 4x, you will have to wager €45 x 4 = €180.


Enhanced odds

The so-called enhanced odds are not exactly bonuses, but they still offer you the benefits so that’s why we have included them in our bonus list. Enhanced odds, as the name implies, mean that the odds for a particular game item are set higher than normal. For example, if the odds are usually 1.80, it could be increased to 2.80 for example. If your bet is correct on this item, you will win a significantly higher amount than usual.

Enhanced odds can also take the form of “enhanced triplets” in which case the offer includes three bets. That means that the ods of the three wagers are higher than usual.

In most cases, the winnings on the enhanced odds are paid out in real money, but some betting sites may have included a wagering requirement. It’s therefore advisable to always check the bonus terms and conditions in advance to check the wagering requirements and other possible rules.


How to redeem betting bonuses?

The best betting bonuses offer value for money, whether you are a new customer or a more experienced player. In addition, betting bonuses are always very easy to redeem and take advantage of, which is why they are definitely worth using.

Below we have summarized the simple instructions for redeeming betting bonuses. This will get you started!

  1. Choose the best betting bonus from our lists
    You will find deposit bonuses, free bets and risk-free bets on our betting bonuses list. From our selection you can quickly check the value of the bonus and the terms.
  2. Check out the betting site that offers your preferred bonus
    Go to the betting site and explore its offerings. See if there are any sports or leagues that interest you in betting. Also read the bonus terms and conditions properly.
  3. Open a player account
    Register your account on the betting site. In the case of a traditional style betting site, enter your details in the registration form. If you have chosen a registration-free option, identify yourself with your online banking credentials.
  4. Make your first deposit and redeem the bonus
    If you play on a registration-free betting site, there is only one way to deposit: trough bank IDs. If you play on a traditional betting site, you can use credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards etc. in addition to online banking.
    Redeem your betting bonus upon deposit. On some betting sites you can click on the bonus to activate the “Redeem bonus” button, while on some you have to enter the bonus code in the field provided.
    Please note that betting bonuses are often restricted so that they cannot be redeemed with e-wallets (Skrill and Neteller).
  5. Start betting
    Start playing with the bonus and place bets on your favourite sports and leagues. Be sure to check if the bonus is available for all bets and what the minimum odds for the bonus are.
    Also remember to play responsibly!
  6. Make sure you have met the bonus conditions
    Before you can request a withdrawal, make sure that you meet any wagering requirements. If you make a withdrawal request and the wagering requirement is not met, the bonus will be cancelled and so will any winnings you earn. So make sure you follow the terms and conditions carefully in order to not face issues when cashing out your winnings.
  7. Cash out your winnings
    Once you have met all the bonus conditions, you can cash out your winnings!


Why are betting bonuses offered?

You may have wondered why betting companies actually offer bonuses and whether they are scams or not. The best betting bonuses may seem too good to be true, which is why they naturally raise some doubts. However, if you choose a reliable and licensed online casino, you don’t have to worry about bonuses or anything else.

But why are betting bonuses being given in the first place? Well simply because they are an excellent marketing tool for betting sites. Welcome bonuses attract new players and other bonuses keep old customers happy.

The betting market today is highly competitive, which is why betting companies have to find ways to stand out from the crowd. And what better way than amazing betting bonuses. If you have two completely similar betting sites in front of you, with the same bets and odds. One of these offers various bonuses, while the other you get nothing extra. Most players will certainly choose the one that offers bonuses. In a nutshell that pretty much explains why betting bonuses are offered.

Terms and Conditions for Betting Bonuses

We have already mentioned on a few occasions in this article that betting bonuses have different terms and conditions. Understanding and following these is extremely important.

The rules and conditions are basically intended to prevent the misuse of bonuses. If the betting site didn’t include any kind of conditions, they would be asking for trouble. That would lead to the players taking advantage of too easy profits leading to losses for the online casino.

Next, we’ll cover the most common bonus terms of betting bonuses in more detail.

Wagering requirement

One of the most common terms is the wagering requirement that is included in almost every betting bonus – unless it’s a completely wagering-free betting bonus. The wagering requirement must always be completed before winnings with a bonus can be cashed out.

The wagering requirement for betting bonuses is often 4-8x and can apply to either the bonus amount alone (the Non Sticky bonus we mentioned earlier) or both the deposit and the bonus amount (the more traditional bonus we mentioned earlier). The former is becoming more common, as it’s much better for players.

The wagering requirement therefore works so that you have to bet a certain amount before you can cash out your winnings. Let’s first take the example of a 100% Non Sticky bonus with a 4-fold wagering requirement:

  • You deposit €100, giving you €100 extra in play money. Your starting balance is therefore €200.
  • The wagering requirement only applies to the bonus amount of €100 (€100 x 4 = €400)
  • The wagering requirement is €400, so you have to place bets on this amount before you can cash out your winnings.

If the wagering requirement applied to both the deposit amount and the bonus amount (Sticky bonus), it would work as follows:

  • You deposit €100, giving you €100 extra in play money. Your starting balance is therefore €200.
  • The redemption requirement applies to the deposit amount and the bonus amount (4 x €100 + 4 x €100 = €800)
  • The wagering requirement is €800, so you have to place bets on this amount before you can cash out your winnings.

it’s easy to see from the examples why Non Sticky bonuses are much more player-friendly than more traditional betting bonuses.

Minimum odds

The bonus conditions almost always include minimum odds, which you must exceed in order for your bet to qualify for the bonus. For example, if the minimum odds are 1.4, the bet odds you place must be 1.4 or higher to qualify for the bonus.

Bet Limits

Betting limits usually only apply to free bets and risk-free bets, less often deposit bonuses. This condition means that the bet you place must be worth a certain amount. For example, to get a €10 free bet, you must first place a bet worth at least €10.

Time limits

Betting bonuses almost always include a time limit, ie a certain period of time within which the bonus must be redeemed, used and wagered. The time limit can vary from day to month depending on the bonus and the betting company.

Betting bonuses improve your chances of winning

Betting bonuses and specifically deposit bonuses offer extra bankroll, meaning you can start betting with a bigger starting balance.

When you start with a bigger balance, you get to play longer, which also increases your chances of winning. You can also place higher bets with a lower threshold, as your balance will not run out as quickly when you have extra play money. The higher the stakes, the higher the payouts.

Free bets, on the other hand, allow you to play completely without you own risk. So basically this means that you can only win but not lose anything – even if the game doesn’t end in the result you anticipated.

By making the most of the best betting bonuses, you will increase your chances of winning and get hundreds of euros extra in your bankroll!

Betting Bonuses - Frequently Asked Questions

Betting bonuses always offer good value for money and allow you to either increase your account balance or place bets completely risk-free, so you should definitely take advantage of them. However, be sure to check that the bonus terms are reasonable.

A good betting bonus offers a big enough bonus (either a lot of bonus money or a big enough free bet) as well as player-friendly bonus terms, ie the lowest possible wagering requirement and minimum odds. If you want a valuable bonus, you should take advantage of deposit bonuses instead of free bets, which will give you a much greater benefit.

Betting bonuses almost always include a wagering requirement. However, one exception is the free bet. If you place a bet with your free bet and your bet is correct, you will be able to keep the winnings you earned with the free bet without wagering.

For sure you can. In principle, your chances of winning when playing with the bonus are the same as if you placed bets on your own money alone (taking into account the bonus terms). However, by taking advantage of betting bonuses, you can play longer and with higher stakes, further improving your chances of winning.