Big Bonuses

These days online casinos offer up to 500% deposit bonuses or other big bonuses to more bang for the buck. With such an amazing casino bonuses, you get five times the bonus on your own deposit and get to start with even bigger bankroll. Many may wonder if a 200% deposit bonus or even an massive 500% bonus is possible? As unbelievable as it sounds, they sure are possible. Not all of the biggest deposit bonuses can be found in every casino, but Bonusfilter will show you the best of them. So keep reading, check out our constantly updated bonus selection and grab the best big deposit bonuses to make the most of your online casino experience.

Biggest Casino Bonuses in 2022

Claim your bonus today and play at our top recommended casinos

Maria Casino

200% Deposit Bonus up to 200€

Casino Features

  • Wager 35x Bonus
  • Max Bet 5€

Buusti Kasino

100% Deposit Bonus up to 500€

Casino Features

  • 200 Free Spins
  • Wager 35x Bonus
  • Max Bet 5€


100% Deposit Bonus up to 200€

Casino Features

  • 10 Free Spins
  • Wager 25x Bonus
  • Max Bet 30% Bonus

What is a 200% deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus is one of the most common benefits that online casinos offer and is available in many forms. Most commonly, deposit bonuses are given as a welcome gift when you open a new game account, but even after that you can enjoy them through reload bonuses, promotions and VIP benefits.

With your first deposit you would typically get a 100% bonus on top of your deposit, but a 200% deposit bonus is also quite common at today’s best casinos. And the fun doesn’t end there, because even larger deposit bonuses are indeed possible.

How does the deposit bonus work? Example: 

  • The casino offers its new players the following offer: 200% bonus up to €200.
  • This means that you can redeem all of the €200 bonus money with a deposit of just €100 and start off with €300.

You can calculate all deposit bonuses with this same formula, whether it’s a 50% bonus or a 300% deposit bonus. Just to make it very clear, similar examples are shown below with the bonus percentages mentioned above.

  • 50% bonus up to €200: In this case, with the same €100 deposit you would only receive €50 bonus money, meaning a full €200 bonus would require a €400 deposit.
  • 400% bonus up to €200: In this case, you would only get up to €200 in bonus money with a €50 deposit, which is a huge advantage.

Of course, it’s worth noting that even with an attractive 200% casino bonus, the maximum amount of bonus money available varies greatly from casino to casino. Sometimes deposit bonuses are only available up to €50, while sometimes the upper limit can be in the thousands of euros.

Quite commonly the 200% deposit bonus is available up to €50, so the calculation formula goes like this: 200% bonus up to €50: So with a small deposit of €25 you get the full €50 bonus money and a total of €75. Such an offer is perfect for those who make small deposits.

As we learn from this, it’s always worth paying attention to the percentage of deposit bonuses and the maximum amount of the bonus.

Best Deposit Bonuses 2022 – Grab up to 500% bonus

How big can deposit bonuses at online casinos grow then? There’s no simple answer to this, but the best deposit bonuses right now are in the 200-500% range. So fortunately nobody needs to start their gaming adventure empty-handed.

In recent years, casino bonuses have grown significantly with no end in sight. If you at the bonus amounts, then the biggest deposit bonuses are already in the thousands of euros. Of course in this case the bonus percentage rarely goes above 100% because it simply wouldn’t be profitable for the casino.

So what is the best deposit bonus right now? Well that depends on what kind of bonuses you value and what budget you want to play with. For example, a 500% bonus is a real rarity and presumably includes strict conditions, while a 200% bonus is a more common and more player-friendly option.

Examples of the some of the best deposit bonuses right now:

  • Maria Casino: 200% deposit bonus up to €200
  • Unibet: 200% deposit bonus up to €200
  • Neon Vegas: 500% deposit bonus up to €500

Here are just a few picks from Bonusfilter’s selection, but take a look at our entire list and be sure to take advantage of our handy Bonus Filter!

How do I find the 200% deposit bonuses?

Finding great deposit bonuses isn’t really hard, and we’ve eased your burden by searching the endless selection out there to find the biggest deposit bonuses for you. So you don’t have to spend too much time on research. Just grab your own favorite bonuses and enjoy playing.

Whether it’s the traditional 100% first deposit bonus or the 200% bonus, there are no practical differences in redeeming them. Of course, the functional differences between the online casinos themselves make a difference, as some offer welcome bonuses by registering an account, while newer pay’n play casinos offer deposit bonuses without registration.

You can redeem big deposit bonuses through these easy steps:

  • Compare deposit bonuses on Bonusfilter’s list
  • Choose the offer that best suits your playing style and budget
  • Create a game account or sign in with bank IDs
  • Make the required minimum deposit and redeem the bonus
  • The big deposit bonus is now yours and you can enjoy playing!

This is how you use big deposit bonuses wisely

While using big deposit bonuses always seems like a smart solution, there are surprisingly many differences that you may not immediately notice – especially if you’re still a novice casino player. There are countless amazing bonuses, which might end up being much less valuable than you thought. For example, an tough wagering requirement or a low payout limit can make it almost impossible to withdraw your profits.

Therefore, a good starting point for using bonuses is a smart strategy. As with gambling in general, it’s always worth using common sense with bonuses.

Here are 7 tips to get the most out of playing with deposit bonuses:

  1. Prioritize those deposit bonuses that have the best ratio of the bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus money: For example, a 100% bonus up to €1000 is an excellent offer if you are making larger deposits. On the other hand, a 200% deposit bonus up to €50 is a smarter choice in case you deposit only smaller amounts.
  2. Grab multiple bonuses: Remember that you can always create a gaming account for many different online casinos and thus redeem several large deposit bonuses.
  3. Use reload bonuses and other benefits: At most casinos, you can also enjoy promotions after the new player welcome bonus. Redeem reload bonuses and other great offers found in the campaign section.
  4. Choose your game wisely: Bonuses are played for many different reasons. If you have just come to explore a new online casino or a new game with bonuses, then you can of course play your favorite games despite the winning potential. On the other hand, if the goal is to win and get the best value for your bonus money, you should also pay attention to the RTP and volatility of the games.
  5. Also try to find bonuses without deposit or wagering: If deposit-free casino bonuses are available, you should always use them, as you get virtually free play money and you can try your luck risk-free. Wager-free bonuses are also a special treat because you avoid the tiring wagering process and you can cash out your winnings right away.
  6. Choose a tax-free casino: This is probably clear to Finnish players anyway, but tax-free casinos in the EEA allow you to get all your winnings tax-free. If instead you hit a big win from a non-European casino with your bonuses, you’ll have to give away a big slice of your earning in taxes.
  7. Beware of any pitfalls in the bonus terms: When comparing deposit bonuses, bonus terms play a very important role, as an unfortunate rule can ruin an otherwise good-sounding offer. So always read the bonus terms carefully to avoid nasty surprises.


Why are 200% deposit bonuses always worth seeking?

The bigger the deposit bonus, the bigger your bankroll and the better your chances of winning! Why would you only play with your own money if casinos give you amazing benefits such as deposit bonuses, free money and free spins?

One can always assume that any bonus is better than no bonus at all, but deposit bonuses of 200% or higher are real treats. The only negative aspect about bonuses is perhaps related to the tricky rules and conditions that players have to take into consideration. That’s why deposit bonuses might not be for everyone. Still, the 200% casino bonus on favorable terms is definitely a great deal for any player.

A few good reasons why you should utilize the deposit bonus:

  • You can increase your bankroll, you can play longer and with less risk
  • Lower threshold to try a new casino or new games
  • Who doesn’t want free bonus money?

Take advantage of other easy bonuses

At online casinos deposit bonuses are the most common benefit alongside free spins, but the internet is full of other interesting benefits that are worth taking advantage of. Especially if there are so-called easy bonuses, such as free spins or otherwise player-friendly benefits, you should always check them out too.

Note the following questions:

  • How many free spins can you get with the deposit bonus?
  • Is the offer a non-sticky bonus?
  • What is the minimum deposit for the welcome bonus?
  • Is the wagering requirement favorable?

From these questions, you get a little indication of whether the bonus is “easy” or less favorable. For example, at some casinos you can redeem a 100 free spins for just €1, while the normal minimum deposit would be €10-20. In the case of a low deposit requirement, it’s actually very easy and risk-free to redeem the bonus.

Non-sticky is also one of the factors that makes bonuses more favorable. The non-sticky bonus means that you always play with your own money first and only then with bonus money. So if you happen to win within your own money, then you can discard your bonus and cash out the winnings whenever you wish.

However, the biggest factor influencing bonuses is the wagering requirement, because if it’s too high, you will have trouble cashing out your winnings. Most 200% deposit bonuses still have a reasonable wagering requirement (around 35x bonus), but on the other hand sometimes it can be for example 45x deposit + bonus. The difference between the two is really significant, as shown in the example below:

In case of a common 100% bonus up to € 100, the above wagering requirements work like this:

  • €100 bonus x 35 = €3,500
  • €100 deposit + €100 bonus, ie €200 x 45 = €9,000

The difference between these two wagering requirements is therefore really big. Needless to say, wagering €9,000 can be a pretty difficult. From this example, you can understand how big of a role the wagering requirement actually plays.

Biggest deposit bonuses vs free play money

Which one is better, a big deposit bonus or free bonus money without a deposit? Of course, a so called free bonus always sounds like the most attractive offer, but keep in mind that they aren’t sum is always low compared to deposit bonuses.

For example, deposit bonuses are most often hundreds of euros – sometimes even thousands of euros. Of course you have to deposit the same amount of your own money in the case of a 100% bonus and half of the bonus amount in case of a 200% casino bonus. On the other hand, free play money without a deposit is available by simply registering, but it is usually only €5-10. Of course, we have to remember that it really is free money, which allows you to play without any risk.

It’s up to you to decide which of the two bonus types is better for you. If you are simply not willing to take any financial risk at all, then you should look for free bonuses. On the other hand, if you are willing to deposit your own money, you will receive a lot more bonus money and have fun playing with deposit bonuses for a longer time.

Big deposit bonus – Lower risk and better chances of winning!

As we’ve mentioned all along, the biggest deposit bonuses can spice up your gaming experience and basically make gaming more profitable.

The bigger the bonus, the more you fill up your bankroll and at the same time reduce your own risk. Of course, the best part is that you increase your chance of winning if you for example got a 200% bonus and thus tripled your bankroll against your own deposit.

After all, winning is always possible, but the winning potential can be significantly increased by choosing the best deposit bonuses with easy terms! That’s why is committed to providing its gaming community with the best deals, as well as all the information you may need during your gaming adventure.

Big Bonuses - Frequently Asked Questions

The deposit bonus is simply adds value to your own deposit and is shown as a percentage up to a certain amount. For example, a 200% bonus up to €200 means that you will receive a full €200 bonus money and a €300 bankroll with a €100 deposit.

Online casinos are full of big deposit bonuses and Bonusfilter has listed the best ones for you. Use our easy bonus filter tool to compare the biggest bonuses and their important terms.

The best deposit bonuses definitely have a few key factors that increase their value. The most important criteria are the bonus percentage and the maximum amount of bonus money available. In addition to this, it is also crucial what the wagering requirements and other bonus terms are. The true value of the bonus will only be determined after all the conditions have been carefully checked.

In general, the no wagering applies to free spins and not deposit bonuses. Sometimes you might find a wagering free deposit bonus, but in that case it's worth checking other possible pitfalls in the terms. Instead of wagering-free bonuses, you can also focus on easy deposit bonuses with a low wagering requirement.

It's difficult to set any upper limit on the size of bonuses, but a 200% deposit bonus is still pretty common. Bonus percentages higher than that are rare though. Still, it's not impossible to grab a 500% bonus today!